Ivy Statistical Leaders as of 12/27/2009

Heading into the final stretch of the non-conference season, here’s a look at the Ivy League’s statistical leaders:

Scoring Possessions Per Game (number of possessions used resulting in at least a point):

Jeremy Lin, G, Harvard – 8.43
Matt Mullery, F, Brown – 7.28
Alex Zampier, G, Yale – 7.13
Jeff Foote, C, Cornell – 7.00
Noruwa Agho, G, Columbia – 6.75

Floor Percentage (percentage of possessions used resulting in at least a point):

Mark Coury, F, Cornell – 64.8%
Pat Magnarelli, F, Harvard – 59.3%
Mark Cisco, C, Columbia – 57.3%
Adam Wire, F, Cornell – 57.2%
Jeff Foote, C, Cornell – 56.5%

Points Produced Per Game (weighted credit for field goals scored, assists, free throws made and offensive rebounds):

Jeremy Lin, G, Harvard – 18.29
Alex Zampier, G, Yale – 16.61
Ryan Wittman, F, Cornell – 15.77
Noruwa Agho, G, Columbia – 15.67
Zack Rosen, G, Penn – 15.52

Offensive Rating (points produced over possessions used; Note: minimum 30 percent of team minutes played):

Geoff Reeves, G, Cornell – 132
Noruwa Agho, G, Columbia – 124
Niko Scott, G, Columbia – 124
Pat Magnarelli, F, Harvard – 121
Patrick Saunders, F, Princeton – 120

Effective Field Goal Percentage (field goal percentage plus 0.5 FGM for each three pointer):

Geoff Reeves, G, Cornell – 72.5%
Patrick Saunders, F, Princeton – 71.6%
Noruwa Agho, G, Columbia – 69.5%
Mark Coury, F, Cornell – 69.0%
Garrett Leffelman, G, Brown – 66.7%

Percentage of Team Minutes Played:

Ryan Wittman, F, Cornell – 90.7%
Marcus Schroeder, G, Princeton – 90.3%
Zack Rosen, G, Penn – 90.0%
Noruwa Agho, G, Columbia – 84.5%
Matt Mullery, F, Brown – 81.3%

Total Team Possessions Used (individual possessions over total team possessions for the season):

Alex Zampier, G, Yale – 25.3%
Jeremy Lin, G, Harvard – 22.0%
Douglas Davis, G, Princeton – 21.1%
Zack Rosen, G, Penn – 20.4%
Matt Mullery, F, Brown – 20.3%

Total Team Shots Taken (individual shots taken divided by total team shots taken on the season):

Alex Zampier, G, Yale – 27.0%
Douglas Davis, G, Princeton – 23.7%
Ryan Wittman, F, Cornell – 23.2%
Noruwa Agho, G, Columbia – 21.2%
Brian Grimes, F, Columbia – 20.6%

Assist Rate (percentage of all assists while a player is on the floor generated by that player):

Zack Rosen, G, Penn – 35.3%
Louis Dale, G, Cornell – 33.4%
Jeremy Lin, G, Harvard – 31.2%
Oliver McNally, G, Harvard – 28.6%
Michael Grace, G, Yale – 28.3%

Turnover Rate (percentage of a player’s possessions ending in a turnover):

Zach Finley, F, Princeton – 39.3%
Kevin Bulger, G, Columbia – 39.0%
Michael Grace, G, Yale – 35.1%
Jean-Herbert Harris, G, Brown – 34.4%
John Daniels, F, Columbia – 33.5%

Offensive Rebounding Rate (percentage of all offensive rebounds available while a player is on the floor grabbed by that player):

Mark Cisco, C, Columbia – 18.6%
Asenso Ampim, F, Columbia – 15.7%
Clive Weeden, F, Dartmouth – 14.8%
Adam Wire, F, Cornell – 13.9%
Josh Davis, F, Yale – 13.7%

Defensive Rebounding Rate (percentage of all defensive rebounds available while a player is on the floor grabbed by that player):

Mike Howlett, F, Penn – 27.4%
Jeff Foote, C, Cornell – 25.1%
Mark Cisco, C, Columbia – 23.8%
Josh Davis, F, Yale – 23.0%
Matt LaBove, F, Dartmouth – 23.0%

Free Throw Rate (FTA/FGA times 100; Note: minimum 30 percent of team minutes played):

Adam Wire, F, Cornell – 105.9
Michael Sands, F, Yale – 75.3
Jeremy Lin, G, Harvard – 74.3
Oliver McNally, G, Harvard – 74.3
Pat Magnarelli, F, Harvard – 69.2

Most Fouls Committed Per 40 Minutes:

Kyle Casey, F, Harvard – 8.28
Adam Wire, F, Cornell – 7.45
John Daniels, F, Columbia – 6.29
Clive Weeden, F, Dartmouth – 6.03
Reggie Willhite, G, Yale – 5.56

Least Fouls Committed Per 40 Minutes:

Douglas Davis, G, Princeton – 1.43
Peter Sullivan, G, Brown – 1.66
Jabari Trotter, G, Dartmouth – 1.77
Ian Hummer, F, Princeton – 1.98
Matt Mullery, F, Brown – 1.99

Steal Percentage (steals per defensive possessions played):

Alex Zampier, G, Yale – 5.3%
David Rufful, G, Dartmouth – 4.7%
Jeremy Lin, G, Harvard – 3.9%
John Daniels, F, Columbia – 3.9%
Reggie Willhite, G, Yale – 3.9%

Stop Percentage (percentage of time a player gets a defensive stop versus his team-allocated failures to record a stop):

Brian Grimes, F, Columbia – 61.9%
Jeremy Lin, G, Harvard – 59.6%
Ian Hummer, F, Princeton – 58.9%
Alex Zampier, G, Yale – 58.7%
Jeff Foote, C, Cornell – 58.2%

Defensive Rating (80 percent of the team’s defensive rating plus 20 percent of the player’s implied defensive rating from his stop percentage):

Jeremy Lin, G, Harvard – 94
Ian Hummer, F, Princeton – 95
Pat Magnarelli, F, Harvard – 96
Keith Wright, F, Harvard – 98
Brandyn Curry, G, Harvard – 98

Team Wins Accounted For (percentage of games responsible for – derived from minutes played, possessions and stops – multiplied by a player’s pythagorean win percentage):

Jeremy Lin, G, Harvard – 1.84
Jeff Foote, C, Cornell – 1.69
Noruwa Agho, G, Columbia – 1.58
Ryan Wittman, F, Cornell – 1.42
Jordan Gibson, F, Yale – 1.37

Pythagorean Win Percentage (Bill James’ formula adapted by Dean Oliver to basketball – offensive rating over offensive rating plus defensive rating each raised to an exponent of 13.5):

Pat Magnarelli, F, Harvard – 0.955
Jeremy Lin, G, Harvard – 0.948
Noruwa Agho, G, Columbia – 0.881
Geoff Reeves, G, Cornell – 0.870
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