2010 McDonald’s Boys All-America

The 2010 McDonald’s Boys All-America NOMINEES have been announced and there are many Ivy recruits who made the extensive list. A few minor points to keep in mind when trying to determine if it’s an accurate reflector of anything: Not to pick on Matt Brown, but he’s on the list and he started playing hoops for Northfield Mt. Hermon last week so he was obviously nominated before he even suited up. How spots are apportioned is also curious. Iowa, for instance, got 30 players on the list. Pennsylvania got 31. My northeast bias aside, given the population difference, I find it difficult to fathom how there could be as many good HS basketball players in Iowa as there are in Pennsylvania and 1/3rd more than there are in Massachusetts, which got 21 on the list – nearly all of whom came from prep schools.

So, as with all judgments of high school talent, it’s for amusement purposes only. But congratulations to the nominees.

BROWN: Sean McGonagill, Illinois
BROWN: Dockery Walker, Pennsylvania
COLUMBIA: Danny Feldman, Missouri
COLUMBIA: Dyami Starks, Minnesota
CORNELL: Dominick Scelfo, Lousiana
CORNELL: Jake Matthews, Pennsylvania
HARVARD: Matt Brown, Massachusetts
HARVARD: James Moore, California
HARVARD: Laurent Rivard, Massachusetts
HARVARD: Ugo Okam, Florida
PENN: Miles Cartwright, California
PENN: Cameron Gunter, Pennsylvania
PENN: Dau Jok, Iowa
PENN: Steve Rennard, New Jersey
PRINCETON: T.J. Bray, Wisconsin
PRINCETON: Daniel Edwards, Texas
PRINCETON: Ben Hazel, Maryland
YALE: Greg Kelley, Massachusetts
YALE: Jeremiah Kreisberg, California
YALE: Isaiah Salafia, Connecticut

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