The 14-Game Tournament: Hey, It’s Those Guys

86-50. The Ivy League’s Game of the Century had finished as anything but. Cornell walked out of Newman Arena having vanquished the upstart contender to the throne in about as convincing a fashion as possible, while Harvard took the long bus ride home with its title hopes damaged, only to face more catastrophic news upon […]

Sunday Morning Hangover: Defying The Odds

Even after the tip started the clock on a new game, no one had forgotten. “Nice game last night,” the Princeton student section chanted. But after 40 brutally tough minutes at Jadwin Gym, Cornell had regained what it had lost in its stunning defeat at Penn the night before – the Ivy League lead. Princeton […]

Saturday Notebook: Just When We Had It All Figured Out

Get this. If Princeton beats Cornell at Jadwin tonight and the favorites in the other games all hold serve, two Ivy teams will control their own destiny for the league title. One will be the Tigers. And the other would be… Cornell? Nope. Harvard? Try again. The mystery team would be the once 0-10 Pennsylvania […]