By the Numbers: The Halfway Point

We’re done with the first trip through the league, and all eight Ivy teams have played one another at least once. Here’s a look at how they stack up statistically at the midway point of league play. Instead of the usual analysis below the numbers, Mid-Term Report Cards for each individual team will follow.

By the Numbers: Apples to Apples Edition

While there are still 12 regular season games to be played against non-league opponents, Ivy play begins this weekend with Harvard’s visit to Hanover. In the past we’ve used Division I statistics for these pieces, but the disparate non-league schedules make statistical comparisons very difficult. Consequently, this year we’re using statistics only from games against teams eligible for the Mid-Major Top 25. In addition to adjusting for strength of schedule, a mid-major stastistical filter also should provide a more meaningful idea of what to expect against Ivy opposition.

February 17 Ivy League Wilson Ratings

We’re midway through Ivy League play, and everyone has played each other at this point. So this is as good a time as any to debut a ratings system I have come up with. Unlike the RPI, my formula looks at the result beyond the winner and loser. And unlike Sagarin and Pomeroy, I don’t just use the final margin, which is often prone to skewing and can give an inaccurate picture of what the game was actually like. And unlike all three of those ratings systems, my formula looks at individual game results instead of just averaging everything.