February 5 Power Rankings

Much like this point last season, it’s looking like there won’t be much drama as far as an Ivy title chase. The two top threats to Penn both saw the title chances suffer major damage this weekend, leaving a Princeton squad ranked in the bottom 50 nationally alone in second place. As you might expect, this led to some movement this week in the Power Rankings.

January 29 Power Rankings

With the non-league regular season schedule now over, all eight teams turn their undivided attention to Ivy play. If last week’s rankings were thrown into upheaval by upsets that weekend, this week’s rankings reflect a return to form, with a distinct divide between upper and lower division teams.

January 22 Power Rankings

There were only four games played since last week’s Power Rankings, but there were some surprises that shook up things this week. A pair of upsets on Saturday called into question the divide between the top four and bottom four we saw a week ago, including a devastating loss by a Yale team previously believed to be a contender.